Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: How to choose the right art consulting service

Being engaged with art is something that should be handled properly. You will obviously need the expertise of a qualified art consulting service like Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants, especially if you don’t have a firm knowledge on matters with regards to art for example where you need their professional help in buying or selling an art.

The art consultants will provide proper guidance to you throughout the entire buying process, along with finding the right artwork that matches your likings. Such professionals could also help you showcase your work in the right places using the right manner in case you’re an artist or seller of an artwork. They are very knowledgeable on how to attract buyers too, so you shouldn’t worry about coming up with ideas since they could offer their expert thoughts.

However, finding the right art consulting service could be a challenge for you. One is because there are so many similar services available around and second is the process of careful examination on who is the right one to work with. As an art consulting service trusted by many, Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants suggests that you should conduct your homework properly before choosing a consulting service.


First is that you should choose someone who understands you very well. They should be able to help you with what you should get. They should also have a clear understanding of your tastes and preferences. And remember that an experienced art consulting service won’t have a hard time figuring you out with their ample experience working with many people in the past.


The second involves your budget. You need to set a particular budget when you’re working with such experts because their services might be a bit costly. The art consultant should be willing to work within your specified budget. Never rush yourself but instead, look carefully for a consulting service that you can afford.


Your search could be locally or online. You can ask your friends, neighbors or relatives for recommendations as well, especially if some of them already had experience working with an art consultant. Seeking the suggestions from the people you trust can be very helpful in your search. They could even provide you with the names of art consultants that could leave you disappointed with their service in the end. Searching online is easy since it is just a click away to know all your local art consultants.

On the last note, building a good relationship with the art consultant should also be done in order to ensure an easy time with them. They should not be someone you just hired, but your eyes to guide you into seeing the right artwork for your needs. Whatever happens, the consultant should stay beside you in finding the right art and making sure that you’ll end up with the best deals in the market.

With all those info above, Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants hoped to help you in finding the perfect art consulting service for your needs.


TCG Tokyo Consulting Group Japan: Accounting Services

Bookkeeping Japan

Upon opening a branch or business abroad, it is crucial for an organization to get its accounting services managed properly right from the start. As part of our integrated services strategy, Tokyo Consulting Group offers accounting services such as bookkeeping and regular or on-demand consulting.

Our main bookkeeping and consulting services consist of the following tasks:

  • Accounting Journal entry & review
  • Employee expense review
  • Sales & Purchases invoice filing, collecting and payment
  • Petty Cash review
  • General ledger and periodical (as needed) trial balance preparation
  • Monthly financial statement preparation

Additionaly, our experienced staff can perform all necessary accounting compilation tasks. We have the ability to generate financial statements according Japanese GAAP, US GAAP and under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Finally, our staff is acquainted with main ERP systems, such as SAP, and can produce statements and records according to the system requested by our customers.

Thus, our accounting consulting services for foreign businesses in Japan is highly flexible, as the type, frequency, platform and language of the reports can be customized to fit our customers' needs.

Tokyo MK Taxi - Travel in Style

Limousine, although traditionally considered a vehicle for the wealthy, have evolved into a rent out vehicle for ordinary people on their special occasions. Riding in style in a limousine has gained popularity to ordinary people because many car rental companies allowed the renting of high-class vehicles for special occasions like weddings, proms, birthdays, reunions and corporate events.

When you want to travel in luxury and class, make sure to contact a quality transportation service in your area like Tokyo MK Taxi. With over 58 types of luxury vehicle and professionally trained chauffeurs that can drive you from place to place, you’ll definitely experience leisure in an entirely new way. Here are few of the best uses to hire a limo from Tokyo MK Taxi:

Business purposes

The trend of hiring limousines and corporate cars is increasing as business owners love to travel in luxurious cars to attend meetings, conferences and many others events. In addition, a ride in a luxury vehicle can create a good impression to your clients and get the deal that you always wanted. Furthermore, it can be a place to talk about business related stuff when matters needed to be discussed without others overhearing.


Prom is a very important high school event teenagers love, for teenagers, this event is more than a year-end dance. Make this event to become memorable as possible and a magical experience to your teens.


A wedding day is a memorable experience, thus, you shouldn’t cut corners. Consider renting a limo to add a touch of class and sophistication on your wedding day, spending extra on the transportation aspect of your wedding will definitely be worth it. For an occasion like a wedding with so many costly components, Tokyo MK offers luxury and economy sedans in competitive rates to accommodate the needs of all wedding couples.

Ride for the night

Whatever you plan to do, whether you plan on clubbing with a bunch of friends or celebrating a special night and you want to look wealthy and classy, you can enjoy a limo service for just about any reason.

Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts allowing clients to arrive at their destination with style along with luxury fleets for you to choose from including Lexus 600hl, Lexus 460, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Fuga Hybrid.

Tokyo MK Taxi - Hiring a Limo for your Next Special Event

Limousines live to its name as a symbol of style, class and elegance. It has been long regarded as the luxury vehicle of rich and famous people and most commonly driven by chauffeurs. Some are owned by rich individuals, while many are owned by the government to transport foreign guest politician and by large companies to transport CEO and senior executives. A limousine typically has a partition between the passenger’s compartment and the driver in his own compartment so that conversations between the passengers in the compartment will be kept private from the chauffeur.

However, gone are the days that only the powerful and wealthy have the privilege and joy of riding this first-class vehicle. Today, the proliferation of limo service has made the cars affordable and thus it became reachable to a broader range of people who are starting to discover the thrill of spending lavishly by hiring a limousine for a drive on the town. Who would not love the idea of sitting comfortably in a limo with a private chauffeur service, right?

Nowadays, rented limousines are multipurpose and can be used by ordinary folks for special events like wedding, reunion, prom, birthday party, anniversary and corporate travel or even for a ride at night in town. If you are in the process of planning a special event and find yourself stuck on the transportation aspect of it, why not hire a limo? Limousines are associated with luxury, class and style. Riding in a limo is a unique experience of luxury and comfort in life that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of. It can be a perfect formal vehicle for your wedding so choose a superb limousine for the best day of your life! Some limousines are designed to carry large numbers of people, which are perfect for shuttling your bridesmaids and guests to get to the venue with style and in a stress-free way.

There are many reputable limo service providers available to cater everyone’s special requirements, tastes and preferences. Tokyo MK Taxi has long been serving folks in Japan, Korea and the United States offering not just a ride in style, but an easy and stress-free way to travel and arrive at their chosen destination. Furthermore, there are many different makes and models of limousines that can be opted for by those looking for rides like no other, or ultimate taxi rides in luxury, style and comfort. With over 212 types of taxi and 58 different models of limousines, we can provide the right limo service for everyone’s needs. Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts and cars included in their vehicle fleet are Lexus 600hl, Lexus 460, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Fuga Hybrid and many more.

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Which files supercomplaint against banks over transfer fraud by Online Security

Banks may face formal inquiry into whether they can refuse to reimburse victims conned into transferring money into fraudsters’ accounts  


UK banks should do more to protect customers tricked into transferring money to fraudsters, according to a consumer body that has lodged a “supercomplaint” with financial regulators. The move by Which? means banks could now face a formal investigation into whether they can continue refusing to reimburse victims.


The organisation submitted its first supercomplaint this year in the same week that official data revealed that fraud in the UK payments industry had soared by 53% as criminals develop increasingly sophisticated tactics to steal bank customers’ cash.


Which? said banks should “shoulder more responsibility” when someone is conned into transferring money to another person’s account, just as they reimburse customers who lose money due to scams involving debit and credit cards or fraudulent account activity.


Some customers have lost considerable sums. In March this year the Guardian featured the case of Sarah and David Fisher, who were conned out of £25,000 after a fraudster posed as their builder and emailed them a fake invoice that was virtually identical to the one they were expecting.


The explosion in online and mobile banking means UK consumers now make more than 70m bank transfers a month, compared with just over 100m in a whole year just a decade ago. Which? claims that “protections have not kept up”.


Using its legal powers, the organisation has submitted a supercomplaint to the Payment Systems Regulator, the watchdog for the UK’s £75tn payment systems industry, which must now respond within 90 days.


There are many financial frauds that directly target customers, such as phishing emails and phone- and text-based scams. However, among the biggest growth areas are impersonation and deception scams where fraudsters hack into someone’s email account and then pose as the builder, solicitor, landscape gardener or other tradesperson that the consumer has legitimately employed. Typically, the victim receives an invoice via email, which does not rouse suspicion because they were expecting it. It looks authentic and is usually for the correct amount – however, unbeknown to the consumer, the bank account number and sort code have been changed to those of the fraudster.


This is what happened to the Fishers, from north-west London. Last October they received a genuine invoice for building work that was being carried out, then what appeared to be a follow-up email from the same firm with a fresh invoice attached that included “our new banking details”. The couple duly paid the requested £25,000, and while it quickly emerged they had been scammed, by the time the bank that operated the account used to accept their money was alerted, the cash had been withdrawn.


Almost a year after the incident, they have yet to recover a penny of their money. Sarah Fisher, a record label manager, told the Guardian this week that the police had identified the fraudster as someone living in Denmark. As a result, the case was “not being progressed” and had effectively come to a halt.


She added: “We took it to the financial ombudsman, who said that Barclays [which operated the account] had not behaved improperly.” However, she said their MP, Tulip Siddiq, had said the case raised important issues and intended to pursue the matter in parliament.


Victims conned in this way currently have no legal right to get their money back from their bank, said Which?. Banks typically refuse to refund customers on the basis that they made the payment voluntarily. However, Which? said: “Consumers can only protect themselves so far. People cannot be expected to detect complex scams pressuring them to transfer money immediately, or lookalike bills from their solicitor or builder.”


The organisation said banks had invested in security systems to detect and prevent fraud where they were liable to reimburse the victim, but added: “There aren’t sufficient checks if someone is tricked into transferring money directly to another person’s account.”


Which? said it wanted the regulators to formally investigate the scale of bank transfer fraud and how much it was costing consumers, and propose new measures and greater liability for banks to ensure consumers are better protected.


The Payment Systems Regulator confirmed that it had received the supercomplaint and said it would examine the evidence Which? had supplied and gather its own, “to build a clearer picture of the issue and decide a course of action”.


Possible outcomes might include regulatory action, a review or a referral of the complaint to another body.

Cyber Security: Danger Around The Corner! Cyber-Sec Predictions

Businesses and consumers alike have been affected by the almost daily threats of data breaches and the impact of these have on a continuous basis. Will such threats enable identity fraud, send a business under or even give adversaries further power to conduct ever more dangerous attacks? Michael Sutton, CISO at Zscaler, has crafted his top five predictions for the year ahead and what this will mean for the threat landscape.

He discusses:

  • Nation states ‘offensive offense’ – It’s likely 2017 will see the US and other nations step into a cyber mudslinging contest
  • AI will be used for good and evil – Another platform that holds mass quantities of data will be susceptible to savvy criminals in 2017
  • Ransomware gets physical – Encrypting data will be replaced with extortion via disabling physical systems
  • Data breaches 3.0 – The next wave as criminals seek to alter, not exfiltrate data with corporate espionage in mind
  • Cyber insurance disruption – Risk scoring algorithms will need to go far deeper with internal corporate security systems to calculate the likelihood of a breach

Offensive Offense – Increasingly, motivations for offensive nation state sponsored attacks have gone into a new realm and have been driven primarily as an effort to undermine the credibility of another government or in some cases influence public sentiment.”

Rise of the Machine (Learning) – Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are the current buzz words du jour in the security industry. Machine learning will revolutionise security because humans simply can’t scale in the same way that but machines do and we’re willing to invest in perfecting the neural networks that drive them.”

Ransomware gets Physical – Most ransomware to date remains relatively unsophisticated, relying primarily on social engineering as the infection mechanism. Attackers don’t need to pull 0day tricks out of their bag to infect PCs, when signature based defenses are easily evaded and humans remain gullible. What is changing, is the targets that the attackers are going after.”

Data Breaches 3.0 – First we had the era of the financial data breach with the likes of Target, Home Depot, Michael’s and Neiman Marcus all suffering massive thefts of debit/credit card data across 2013 and 2014. Healthcare then bore the brunt of the attacks announced in 2015 with Anthem, Premera and Carefirst all acknowledging that millions of records had been stolen. In 2017 we can expect a third data breach phase, with attackers seeking to alter, not exfiltrate data.”

Disruption in cyber insurance – The insurance industry is one that’s ripe for disruption. With data breaches becoming the norm, cyber insurance has also become a must have item for large enterprises. Insurance companies are desperate to get in on the game, but they have a big challenge – how do they calculate the likelihood of a breach? Life insurance is easy – plenty of people have lived and died and we have solid data on it.”