Ng Lee Associates Acountants Singapore: Our Services

Assurance and Business Advisory


- Accounting compilations and reviews

- Statutory and other audits

- Management accounting

- Business valuations

- Executive compensation

- With effect from 15 September 2005, we are registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) which allow us to prepare or issue audit reports on U.S. public companies, participate or play a substantial role in such audits.


Tax Consulting


- Income tax planning and management for individuals, partnerships, and corporations, including complex matters such as reorganizations, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions

- Income tax compliance for individuals, partnerships, corporations, and fiduciaries

- International taxation relating to cross-border transactions and operations

- Estate duty planning, valuation and compliance

- Goods and Services Tax


Corporate Finance


- Business planning and financial analysis

- Capital sourcing services

- Budget and cash flow projections

- Due diligence and other investigations

- Listing of companies on the Singapore Exchange

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Share valuations


Management Consulting


- Strategic business planning

- Budget and budgetary control

- Pricing and cost analysis

- Activity based costing

- Internal control and operational review

- Financial modelling and performance measurement

- Productivity improvement and cost of quality management


Corporate Secretarial Services


- Compliance services

- Corporate governance

- Share registry

- Advice on legislative changes


Financial Planning


- Corporate financial planning

- Personal financial planning

- Retirement planning

- Succession planning


Corporate Recovery


- Restructuring and turnaround

- Investigations

- Insolvency services


Shared/Outsource Services


- Accounting services

- GST administration services

- Trust administration

- Payroll administration

- Executive support


Information Technology


- Accounting system evaluation and design

- Financial reporting system design and implementation

- Installation, training and ongoing support of computerized accounting software

- Needs assessments and software selection

- Network management consulting

- Procedures for evaluation, design, and implementation

- Project design and management

- Technology planning

Innovative marketing events and PR - Bacall Associates

Wonder why a lot of clients had the pleasure and privilege of working with Bacall Associates? It’s because the company has been one of the most professional public relations companies around the world for several years and their shining reputation in the industry is one of a kind.

Each of Bacall Associates’ staff has a vast knowledge regarding travel as well as public relations, marketing and sales. You’ll witness exceptional professionalism in their work with their august ability and energy in providing ingenious and fresh story ideas. The staff’s positive attitude also leads them nine times out of ten to come up with a solution for any given situations.

Most of the testimonies from their clients include awe to the company’s unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in the field of all things luxury as well as their huge assistance for them. With this, Bacall Associates proved to have outshone all others.

Clients also have the greatest respect for Bacall Associates’ professionalism and competence. They’re also proud of the company’s devotion to their work as their queries are always promptly answered.

Bacall Associates always follow a proactive approach to the market via an excellent network to all relevant media, travel trade and society authorities. They have flawless style and know the most effective ways of getting the best media response. Most clients cherished their relationship with Bacall Associates and promised to remain being a partner of the company in the coming years.

Bacall Associates is proud to have a creative and diligent team that’s committed in achieving their objectives. It is the only company to have succeeded in securing a major consumer award for one of the Hilton’s resort properties.

The company operates to a very high standard and represents their clients in the most professional and positive manner. Clients are also impressed with the level of contact that Bacall Associates have within media circles and with all their efforts that have benefited the clients greatly in promoting the image and profile of their firm.

Bacall Associates provides great care and attention to their clients through the unrivaled dedication of their team. Their team includes true professionals that have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, and have an instinct for different publications’ needs.

For more than 20 years, Bacall Associates has always been honest and easy to work with in all of the dealings of their clients.


Meet Bacall Associates’ Team

Jeff Bacall is the company’s managing director. He has worked in public relations, marketing and sales for over 30 years. He has a good experience in both in-house and external consulting for travel and lifestyle firms. He has taken up leadership roles in the airline industry and has worked with both small and large scale hotels and residences.

Charlotte Lowe joined Bacall Associates after studying marketing at Bournemouth University. She gained great experience on a work placement year at a high profile rewards and incentive agency. She discovered her passion for travel at such a young age.

Zoe Slater graduated at University of Manchester in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Politics and Modern History degree. After graduating with her masters in multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University in 2009, she worked as a freelance journalist for several publications and the Press Association. She has always had a passion for travel and after working with the in-house press and marketing team of the Zetter Group, she decided to join Bacall Associates to work on adifferent portfolio of accounts spanning Europe and Asia.

Other dedicated members of Bacall Associates include Flora Gandolfo, Claire DaBreo, and Nat Frogley.

Give them a call at +44 (0)870 428 8401 because they’d really love to hear from you, or why not drop them an email at and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

Mossack Fonseca: Recolecta de Libros a beneficio de la Fundación Pro Niños Darién














¡LO LOGRAMOS! Al iniciar un nuevo años escolar, los colaboradores de Mossack Fonseca se complacen en apoyar a la Fundación Pro Niños de Daríen en su recolecta de cuadernos de 200 páginas.


La donación entregada de parte de los colaboradores de Mossack Fonseca y amigos fue de 783 cuadernos, 101 libros de actividades para colorear y 4 libros de figuritas.   Confiamos que serán de gran ayuda en las comunidades donde serán entregados para contribuir con el desarrollo intelectual de nuestra niñez.

Mossack Fonseca en el Blogger & Influencer Week fotos de lo que sucedió esta mañana en el Blogger & Influencer Week LATAM en el Hotel Radisson Decapolis, donde la prensa local e internacional se dió cita para dar cobertura al Foro de "Uso de Las Redes":

El evento dió inicio con las palabras del Alcalde de la Ciudad de Panamá, Lic. Jose I. Blandón, para luego dar paso al foro con los jovenes influenciadores, conducido por Johel Batista, talento panameño, creador del startup "AYUDINGA".

La presencia de los expertos de Mossack Fonseca y Mossfon MIPS se hizo presente como patrocinadores y compartiendo con los asistentes.

Dr Howard Marans MD: Where Is The Best Doctor For ACL Treatment In Huntington Beach?


Supporting and maintaining the knee joint is the function of numerous tendons and ligaments. The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major components in the knee providing a connection of the femur to the tibia. A tear or other injury to the ACL may happen to anyone regardless of age. Sports participants often obtain the injury more frequently. Finding the best doctor for ACL treatment Huntington Beach will depend on the degree of injury and other contributing factors.


The Best ACL Doctor in Huntington Beach

With a little time and research, a person will be able to find the best doctor for ACL tears or other related injuries. Ask for referrals from friends, family members, primary care professional and others within the patient’s peer network. After compiling a list, start narrowing down the choices.

  • Medical Insurance Coverage: The biggest consideration when finding the best doctor for ACL treatment will be the extent of a patient’s health insurance coverage. Contacting the insurance provider’s claims representative will help you discover the amount of your coverage for ACL treatment.
  • Medical Training and Credentials: The type of education, specialized training, and experience of a potential doctor must also be considered when finding one to treat your ACL. Ask potential doctors about their board certifications, professional associations, and hospital affiliations.
  • Experience: Consider how many times an orthopedic specialist has performed ACL procedures within the past year, month, or even week. A doctor who regularly performs ACL treatment procedures is most likely to be current on the best standard of care.


Finding the Best ACL Treatment Options

The first appointment will help determine if the doctor is the right choice for the patient’s needs. The best doctors will begin with an accurate diagnosis to determine what course of action is the best treatment option.

Before going to your consultation appointment, prepare a list of questions to ask the doctor. The best doctor to treat your ACL will be one who takes the time to address each question and concern until you feel confident with proceeding with diagnostic testing and treatment.


ACL Treatment in Huntington Beach

As a provider of the best ACL treatment in Huntington Beach, Dr. Howard Marans will explain each step in the diagnostic testing and treatment process. The Doctor will explain his desired outcome resulting from his recommended treatment option. Depending on the degree of injury, non-surgical methods may be the first course of treatment. If a conservative approach fails to yield the desired results, or the degree of injury is too severe based upon diagnostic testing, surgery may be the Doctor’s chosen treatment method.

Dr. Howard Marans and his courteous staff will work with numerous insurance programs, including PPOs, to give each patient the highest level of care without creating an overwhelming financial burden. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981. Read Original Article.