Tokyo MK Taxi - Travel in Style

Limousine, although traditionally considered a vehicle for the wealthy, have evolved into a rent out vehicle for ordinary people on their special occasions. Riding in style in a limousine has gained popularity to ordinary people because many car rental companies allowed the renting of high-class vehicles for special occasions like weddings, proms, birthdays, reunions and corporate events.

When you want to travel in luxury and class, make sure to contact a quality transportation service in your area like Tokyo MK Taxi. With over 58 types of luxury vehicle and professionally trained chauffeurs that can drive you from place to place, you’ll definitely experience leisure in an entirely new way. Here are few of the best uses to hire a limo from Tokyo MK Taxi:

Business purposes

The trend of hiring limousines and corporate cars is increasing as business owners love to travel in luxurious cars to attend meetings, conferences and many others events. In addition, a ride in a luxury vehicle can create a good impression to your clients and get the deal that you always wanted. Furthermore, it can be a place to talk about business related stuff when matters needed to be discussed without others overhearing.


Prom is a very important high school event teenagers love, for teenagers, this event is more than a year-end dance. Make this event to become memorable as possible and a magical experience to your teens.


A wedding day is a memorable experience, thus, you shouldn’t cut corners. Consider renting a limo to add a touch of class and sophistication on your wedding day, spending extra on the transportation aspect of your wedding will definitely be worth it. For an occasion like a wedding with so many costly components, Tokyo MK offers luxury and economy sedans in competitive rates to accommodate the needs of all wedding couples.

Ride for the night

Whatever you plan to do, whether you plan on clubbing with a bunch of friends or celebrating a special night and you want to look wealthy and classy, you can enjoy a limo service for just about any reason.

Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts allowing clients to arrive at their destination with style along with luxury fleets for you to choose from including Lexus 600hl, Lexus 460, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Fuga Hybrid.